November 14, 2014

Herd reduction sale

Our first herd-reduction sale was a huge success! We sent 13 goaties to new homes this summer (2014). We are now back to a more manageable herd size where we plan to stay!

Congratulations to:

  • Photo of Splash

    Dan-Ani Splash

    Shanna Breeding, Kimberly ID – JrCh Dan-Ani Spring Fancy and Dan-Ani Classic Illusion

  • Bob Jeffries & Teresa Young, Boise ID – 1xGrCh Little O’ Farm Mo’ Nique and daughter Dan-Ani Dominique
  • Ashlee Ward, Eagle ID – The three “Ash-Ana” does we purchased from them last year – Ruby, Illusion, and Sensation – and Dan-Ani Dancin’ In The Moonlight
  • Teasha Lee, Clinton UT – JrCh Dan-Ani Let’s Dance and 2xGrCh Little O’ Farm Mo’ Nelle
  • Michelle Balls, Jerome ID – Dan-Ani Splash
  • Jerome Fegaldefeg, Murtaugh ID – 4xJrCh Dan-Ani Hidden Asset (“Hershey”)
  • Jerry Shetler, Mtn. Home ID – Little O’ Farm Nikolai